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This is me...

My name is Tamara, I am in my forties, mother to Philip and bonus mother to Cecilie.

I come from Slovakia and live in Denmark. I have a full time job as a project coordinator and in my free time I help women to lose weight and live more healthy life.


I was overweight as a child and since my twenties I tried all kinds of weight loss diets,  carbs free plates, no sweets or "ate like a bird". I lost weight while I was on these diets, but as soon as I finished them, my weight came back and mostly a bit more on top of that.

I found out about flexible dieting, where nothing is restricted, I can eat anything I like and don’t have to eat what I don’t like. 

I stopped to be stressed about how much I eat, when I eat or what I eat and since then

I am in the best shape of my life. The myth about being 40 and getting harder to lose weight or start to gain, it is not the case with flexible dieting.

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