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Many people will ask me at some point, why I do not give out meal plans. Most diets involve some form of meal plan where certain foods are cut out. Having such reduced meal plans there is a risk of a couple of things to happen.


At some point, you will move away from the meal plan, and once you deviate from the meal plan you might start wondering where to go from there.

With meal plans, you are limited in food options. Eating the same food week after week can be draining. It also makes it difficult when you are in situations that don´t allow you to follow the meal plan.

Meal plans are not a long-term sustainable option. Instead I aim to educate so that you can continue on your own and take control of your own health.

I teach about how food affects your weight. You will be educated enough to make your right meal choices. To understand how carbs and fats influence your weight loss or weight gain.

This includes the following:

  1. How many grams of protein you should have based on your goals

  2. How much fat you should have, as this impacts cell health and brain function

  3. How many carbs you should eat based on your calorie allowance.

  4. How many overall calories you should consume, as this impacts fat loss or fat gain.

I teach you how to include the foods you like into your daily meals. I aim to change your relationship with food and help you understand the science behind your journey. Meal plans give you a temporary solution, but I give you a permanent education on how to manage your weight for life.

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